Lonsdale Dental Clinic

The team at the Bayview Lonsdale Dentist is equipped to handle any of your dental needs, whether general or cosmetic procedures. With years of experience, our skilled and highly trained staff members can quickly and professionally address all of your oral health concerns. Our multilingual and friendly team members will make you feel right in our office, and we will leave your smile looking great.

Meet Our Owner and Expert Dentist:

Dr. Christopher Zed has been a practicing dentist for over two decades, and he holds various positions within the field. Some of these include serving as the chief of dentistry at Vancouver General Hospital, as well as a professor and the 2010 Olympics’ chief of dentistry.
His work has been heavily influenced by his own research, which has focused on various topics such as community dentistry and oral cancer. As a practicing dentist, he currently works as the owner of Bayview-Lonsdale Dental. He believes that in order to provide the best possible care, patients should be treated with dignity and respect.
Aside from being a passionate and dedicated dentist, Dr. Christopher also enjoys spending time with his family and other recreational activities.

About Us

At Bayview Lonsdale Dentistry, our team uses state-of-the-art technology to provide our patients with the best possible care. We are committed to putting our patients at the center of our practice, and our use of various forms of technology demonstrates this.
We aim to help our patients reach their goals, which is why we constantly look for ways to improve our services and incorporate more technology.
To welcome you to our family, we invite you to visit our office and meet our staff members personally. They will help you find a convenient appointment that will allow you to achieve a brighter smile. Our team members are also happy to provide you with valuable information about our services.